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Recupitulation is a method of achieving the awareness of hidden motives and wags of thinking and behaving, which have been formed during your life. In other words, recupitulation is a method of achieving the awareness of energetic interaction between you and the world as a whole, or other people in particular. coil's
The technique of recupitulation is to make the list of all the people you met. Having done this you try to recollect the details of meeting and seeing this person even your emotional state. You should sit and start the rhythmic breath (inhale while turning your head left, exhale-turning it right).
      Making the list I had some difficulties, which led me to making a hierarchical tree structure instead of the list. The tree structure shows the way my memories are kept. Thus, it lets me better get into “deeper” areas of my memory.
   The first problem that I forgot or didn’t know the names of the people I had ever met. But I remembered the house where the meeting took place or some specific moment related to the person.
   Another problem was that chronicles didn’t snit. Memory is not like a recorder’s tape and a sequence of recollections is not always corresponds to the time.
    Building the structure of “Inside Memory” I recalled easier, opened forgotten layers of experience and what’s more important to me – got into a mental-emotional state, corresponding to the period recalled or in other words shifted the assembling point to its place then.