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Initiation Buddha Amitabha Tibetan Drikung Kagyu tradition


Visualization: From the perfect purity of reality appears clean the country of great bliss Sukhavati (Paradise). There is a red lotus on which the moon disk lies. On top of it there is the Hrih seed syllable of the red color, symbolizing the enlightened consciousness of apprentice. From a syllable light is emitted to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas as a gift and returns along with their blessing back. Then, the light is emitted by all beings, eliminating their suffering, illness and delusions, and, having carried out the benefit of others, comes back into syllable Hrih, after which he converted to the Buddha Amitabha. Apprentice presents itself now in the form of Amitabha Buddha – in red, sitting in the lotus position with legs crossed, radiating light. The right and left hands are folded in a contemplative pose a dive, and keep the bowl with the nectar of immortality. On the Buddha Amitabha monastic clothes and no jewelry. To the right of Amitabha is double-handed Avalokitesvara. The right arm is lowered to the bottom in a gesture of generous giving and in his left he holds a lotus flower. To the left of Amitabha is Vajrapani - embodied the power of all Buddhas. His right hand is raised in the protective gesture, and in his left he holds a lotus flower on which the Vajra. Of the three centers of the Buddha Amitabha, Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani - their forehead, throat and heart

- the light comes in white, red and blue, respectively. This light invites Buddhas from all sides of all pure lands, and in particular from the western country of the Buddha Amitabha, and all their countless descends on the healer merging with him inseparably. In the heart of a healer - Buddha Amitabha - there lies horizontally lunar disk, the center of which is a red syllable of Hrih, and on the edge of the disc clockwise are syllables of the mantra. During the reading of the mantra, its syllables are moving in a circle in a clockwise direction, and the light from the seed syllable and syllables of the mantra extends in all directions, is sent to the beings that require healing, and eliminating their disease. They themselves become the Buddha Amitabha and in their breasts is also a lunar disk and the syllable of Hrih with the mantra, and the light from them extends to all other beings, and so on.

The mantra of the Buddha Amitabha [in Tibetan pronunciation]:







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