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vajra In June 2006 during carrying out initiation on Kailash Holiness Sonam Jorphel Rinpoche declared to all his students on a line of Tibet Initiations about full system of practices that will lead to Enlightenment (Nirvana) for one life. This wonderful ladder to Enlightenment practices by Lamas during thousand years and invariable conducts  person to top of its spirit. Historically the system has been received from space knowledge of Universe, installed by wise Yogis in ancient India and transferred continuously on a line of oral transmission (through Dedication). From India it has been brought to Tibet where prospered till our time. Vajrayana conducts to sensitiveness and perfection of human qualities and huge personal success in a life, sacred for the Blessing of all alive essences in all worlds.
It is the method of an ascension having a world recognition and giving immeasurable space force and an opportunity to any person, irrespective of a nationality, belief, and a caste. Initiation it is not an easier transfer of space force, mystical experience, knowledge and good spirit. It is a step in the vast world of Boundlessness where there are no borders between people and the countries, past and the future, final and infinite.
This is base of personal growth and good health on many future embodiments of your Soul. Opportunities of realization and success in any affairs of the Devoted person, on orders surpass opportunities of the usual person. It occurs owing to transfer of force of Inner worlds.
Initiation  is  responsibility before your own soul, relatives and people surrounding you, for result of your aspirations. It is your personal contribution to Evolution of our wonderful world. Hundred more years we could  counted the inhabitants of the West Initiation in the Tibetan practics on fingers of hands back. They were Blavatskaya, Bezant, Roerichs, Choma de Kerechi … and other outstanding people. Now this road of beauty and pleasure is opened for everyone. We invite you to enter on it, and it is dared to go forward together with Master Holiness Sonam Jorfel Rinpoche  and us, his pupils from different countries of well-known Tibetan yogas lines of oral Transmission of Knowlege Drigung Kagud!
We invite you for Tibetan Initiations!
Attention! Initiations and manuals on all practices are transferred only through the Teacher. Any independent deviations from the Traditional line attract the personal responsibility of the pupil before himself.


Initiation it is transfer of power. On this level you receive 12 initiations. These are base practices which is use in Tibet and the Himalayas for individual improvement, creation of a correct environment, successful and beautiful existence in this life. Receiving this initiations is a result of work of your soul in the last embodiments which have been saved up before merits and clarification of karma in this life. Practice creates around you invisible sphere of an inner world which will protect,heal you and your relatives, will create good accumulation of bodies, speeches and mind on following embodiments of your soul. This is basis of your spiritual body. Practicing this initiations, you will get force of a matter, will learn to solve vital questions, keep health and clearness of mind during a long and beautiful life. You will get rid from any illnesses and will success in all affairs. It is obligatory base on which you will build following Diamond steps of an ascension of Spirit.3 year is minimal time from getting all 12 initiations practice before  beginning  practicing  High Tantras (Kalachakra Tantra). Nevertheless, you can get Kalachakra Initiation without having 12 initiations of lowest tantras, but for getting best results we recommend to practice it only after getting practiced First level.



It is a stage of transform- ation of your body, mind, and consciousness in elements of the highest mental world, by an operating time of qualities of the highest spirituality which is directly connected with control systems by our physical world. It is a level of getting power under elements of the Universe, mastering of time and space, an outgoing in the pure worlds of Spirit.



The most beautiful and complex initiation lasting many days


Teaching of Kalachakra is transferred to us from the Space country of a Shambhala to bless improvement of world.

In it you should pass as by  steps of " Kakachakra Palace" (sanscr. «A wheel of time») through forms and qualities of the spiritual essences entering into the Tibetan system of the Enlightenment.


Utilitarian practices of  highest level. You already between heaven and earth. If you pass in a posthumous condition at this stage the following body of an embodiment will be chosen by your  own will. It is enough to master two yogas  for transition to a following step.

 The Tibetan teaching  «SIX YOGAS of the FORM» is related in the Indian tradition to Universal  and Kundalini t yoga, but not similarly . For details look U.J.Evans's book " the Tibetan yoga and secret doctrines ", and also the eighth chapter of the first part of the novel " To sources  of Cosmoenergy " E. Lugova.






1. Tummo - Yoga of internal heat. It is rise of Kundalini and development of huge quantity of spiritual energy which we shall transform to the physical opportunities, health, creative growth and success in all affairs.

2. Yoga of an illusory body. The doctrine about May - Great illusion under which authority there are all phenomena of the shown existence. This one of basic doctrines at all schools of the Buddhism, as well as at Indian yoga has. Only perfect Uniform Space Consciousness falls outside the limits of caused circulation of the Universe. Under influence of a coverlet of Illusion the true is perceived distorted, and only yogas can get on that side of this cover of a matter. So we leave in the boundless Space Consciousness-mind, creating the Universes under the laws and forms.

3. Yoga of dreams. All Universe is as infinite  turn of cycles of a dream and wakefulness of Uniform Space Consciousness. turn of cycles of a dream and wakefulness of Uniform Space Consciousness. The doctrine about consciousness of the person in which the dream and wakefulness are expressed as two illusory poles of the Uniform perception reflecting unreality of all Natural phenomena of the Universe. Both conditions  caused by karma and unreal, showing us sequence of objective sensual perceptions. Aim of this yoga is  comprehension and correct existence in both unreal conditions of the Sansara - in a dream and in wakefulness.

4. Yoga of clear light. Goal of this  practice is achievement of the clarified consciousness. Clear light is condition of Dharmakaya -  high thin body of the Universe. This is condition of  Nirvana, untied true,  free sansara from all material factors. A condition in which Buddhas exist always, and yogas reach only in samadhi.

 5. Bardo - Yoga of posthumous existence. Practice of leaving  human body during the death, one of the major in yoga. During dying Devoted meaningly reaches самадхи, and plunges into a condition similar to a long dream. It is characterize as  illusory visual, acoustical and perceptible impulses, sensations, forms through which our free consciousness-soul shower from a body after death proceeds. Practice of yoga Bardo during lifetime  will make your stay in posthumous existence short and pleasant, promoting still to the best birth and comprehension of unity of the Life.

6. Pova - Yoga of transference of consciousnesses. Making this practice  yogas reaches an opportunity to transfer the Consciousness (soul) in time and space, it is released from attachment to a body, and at dying at once meaningly leaves in the Space spiritual condition. Following Regeneration gets out meaningly at will.



Time of practice beginning from 3 years. These space conditions very difficult to describe by words. You are filled by consciousness of the Universe and constantly are in the High worlds.


Mahamudra in translation from a Sanskrit  means  “the Great Symbol». It is the highest level of Tibetan practices. All visible Universe is filled by the ideas arising from Uniform Space Consciousness, a source of a nirvana and a sansara. Perceiving and experiencing  perfect ideas in our consciousness we come  to knowledge of Uniform Consciousness. Our consciousness and its condition is inseparable from consciousnesses of all other essences of the Universe. Therefore it is important to have harmonious environments and to be engaged in creative creativity. So, practising Mahamudra we become perfect Space in the eternal present, without borders and conditions.

It is last stage of your practice. You are capable to realize any business on distance. Your world extends till the sizes of the Universe,

and the sphere of dialogue and activity is not limited by time and the world of people. All Universe helps your work. Try to be prepared socially for this Space stage of your soul in advance. These are your Diamond steps of the Ascention in boundlessness.