Magical Passes

Series of Four Interests of the Warrior
The Series for preparing Intent
The Separation of the Left & Right Body
The Series for NoGouing


Magical passes are special moments made by the practitioner to change the flow of his life energy and to create a real energetic structure corresponding to a certain abstract action scheme. In other words, magical passes make the psycho-energetic state corresponding to a conscious intention to do something. They are performed to make the awareness of the environment and the ability for conscious action better.
 The effect is achieved through reorganization of the energetic structure psycho and psycho-physiologic processes are based on.
    I have done series of the magical passes for the last 3 years. The conclusions I have made are as follows...
    After first series of correctly done magical passes:

- You start feeling energy and understanding the process of accumulation of energy,
- The energy starts to flow from the mental to the real or from thoughts to action,
Further practice leads to:

- Better awareness of your self and your real (not imagined) place in the world,
- Awareness of discipline as a necessary part of the warrior path,
- Touching the power of intention and using it.


What is the difference between magical passes and physical exercises?

    I have tried to answer the question during the years I have  practiced magical passes. In short the difference is in the orderly psycho activity. Following peculiar (at first sight) “physical” exercises. More exactly the effect of magical passes becomes clear after some personal experience:
      Doing “The Energetic Ball” from Part 1 I encountered a problem. After solving it I came to a stable structural shift in my energetic configuration; I mean the must to achieve not only visual or tactile confidence in making “energetic ball” but also dynamic confidence in doing it.
      Such things happen when you do “The Window of Seers” (from part 2). The word “Intent” being said aloud creates an organized flow of energy. The better this magical passes is done including the pronouncing of the word “Intent”, the more powerful the flow of energy is.