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From beginning to the end attending the Kalachakra initiation implies “visualizations” - work of mind*. But the word “visualization” doesn’t fully coincide in meaning with the Sanskrit or Tibetan term, because it deals only with what the sight can give.
But the practice of mind representation also includes forms, sounds, smells, feelings, emotions, identifications, comprehension of our own self, our own location, what surrounds us and what is going on. The word “imagination”, perhaps, is closer in meaning to it. It’s not just the intellectual activity where we try to concentrate upon the tiniest details of an image in our mind. It’s a process of complete transformation dealing equally with mind, heart, feel, self-identity, orientation in space. According to the Tantra, there are 2 main things required for the successful mind visualization: pride and clarity of vision.
The “pride” means a firm feeling of identity. Doing “visualizations” we try to feel our spiritual master and ourselves as images of Buddha,the place where we are- as Mandala, the things we see going on- as real. At first, the pride and the feeling of reality are much more important than the abovementioned “clarity”. We should concentrate on a deep feeling of our and our teacher’s identity and location.
Kalachakra ( Buddha’s image ) is our spiritual master. It does not matter if we see him or her having 24 hands. The point is the feeling of recognition of a completely awakened being. It’s the symbolic world of Kalachakra we are in.
* - sample of visualization