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A series of videos to teach visualization in Tibetan Buddhism, Drikung Kagyu line.

Three video (~ 11 minutes) to train practicing tantra lower. The visual presentation is designed with the blessing of Lama Sonam Jorphel Rinpoche.

See. Also section Modern Tibetan art visualization.

  Amitaba Visualization of the Buddha Amitabha (ver. 1)

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  Amitaba (ver. 0)

Made according to the Tibetan description of the XII century (Jigten Sumgon):

    From the perfect purity of reality appears clean the country of great bliss Sukhavati (Paradise). There is a red lotus on which the moon disk lies. On top of it there is the Hrih seed syllable of the red color, symbolizing the enlightened consciousness of apprentice. From a syllable light is emitted to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas as a gift and returns along with their blessing back. Then, the light is emitted by all beings, eliminating their suffering, illness and delusions, and, having carried out the benefit of others, comes back into syllable Hrih, after which he converted to the Buddha Amitabha. Read more ..


Visualize the Medicine Buddha (Manla) Manla



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