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Shooting, installation, creation of documentary, educational, corporate films, spets-effects on the finished shooting material, to creation of the plots completely synthesised on the computer, prompts, various advertising and musical videoclips.
  - WS Neo Communication Vimeo Alex Coil's Channel  
  in English, Russian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, French, Hindi and Tibetan


Reception of an initial video data

  - Shooting at day illumination  
  - Shooting at artificial illumination  
  - Shooting in virtual studio wsneo wsneo wsneo wsneo


Nonlinear installation and computer animation

- Input of an initial video data on a computer hard disk
- Soundtrack creation
- Available sound material
- Record of human speech by means of a microphone
- Selection of a sound from library of natural and technogenic sounds
- Music underneath selection


- Computer modelling and animation wsneo wsneo wsneo wsneo
- Nonlinear video-tape editing
- Initial, accompanying, final caption
- Selection of plots on quality, a successful arrangement of objects of shooting
- Structural streamlining of plots for creation of a complete picture
- Explanatory graphic elements
- Creation of special effects (patches of light, explosions, light, etc.)
- Creation of a virtual background
- Image and sound synchronisation


- Record of ready video on the carrier


Preparation of definitive release

- Design and imposition box DVD wsneo wsneo wsneo wsneo
- cover audio disk
- Duplicating (only within the limits of the target order)  


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