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Illusory correlation - tendency to draw parallels between events which actually aren't connected to each other. If the person expects a certain event and it occurs, he attaches this coincidence greater significance than to those cases when his expectations weren't met.

Studio Projects:

Alex Coil - author page eumain1
eumain1 Recapitulation Tensegrity Shivaratri Inner silence Realization
The description visual experience and spiritual searches in internal mental space and the external objective world.
I tried to build a web-site to use the main advantage of hypertext in comparison to the book, which allows you to create relationships between the elements of the description – similar* to multidimensional timeless communications in space of sense. Integral or holistic thinking opens to us new and at the same time long forgotten holographic principle about non-trivial communication of part and whole. These communications return me at the moment, even when I write these lines...
Evolution - the law of the attaction love eumain2
eumain2 Field coil gravity three worlds synchrony Diamond sutra
Here you can find some of the material presented and attempt to comprehend experienced spiritual experience from the standpoint of science.
Symbolism is shown in all and influences both our course of thinking, and on our place in the world. Our complete thinking is caused by billions years of evolution of the Earth which present shape is generated by periodic processes beyond a planet, and is symbolical so magic as a matter of fact. The most fantastic symbols with which the person expresses itself have direct value in real life, and to distinguish these symbols, to see them in thoughts and the acts, surrounding conditions - means to learn itself and the basic tendencies of conditionality of own thinking during this or that time of life.
* - actually the word "similar" here isn't absolutely pertinent, as the sense remains sense and in the description.
Documentary and feature films  created in collaboration with the Charity Fund of Spiritual Culture..
  Visualizationin in Tibetan Buddhism
A series of videos to teach visualization in Tibetan Buddhism, Drikung Kagyu line.
  Visualization of Cosmoenergy
A series of videos for training, "Visualization of Cosmonergy".

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