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A series of videoclips for the training "Visualization of Cosmoenergy". Institute Cosmoenergy and Special psychology.

Eleven video (~ 60 minutes) for training in the cosmoenergy-healer. The visual representation worked together with Emil Bagirov.
  cosmoenergy This series of videoclips was the important auxiliary means at training to receptions of the healer-kosmoenergeta in which important role (at least the initial stage) is played by visualisation of images. On the left the first of eleven videos listed below, "The scheme of treatment: the opening channels". Visual representation of Co-channels on a session. Work of everyone cosmoenergy the channel is presented by separate colour. To view the video click on the picture in a frame.
To view* the 11th and on-line video, you can make a charitable contribution and write a letter to (Alexander) get a single password** in the reply letter.
* - The review is recommended to those who have already passed the initial training course in cosmoenergetics.
** - The password is valid for a week.
The sequence of opening of patients in the seance. 

Work with the chakras of the patient. Important position of hands of the healer at work with everyone chakra separately.

cosmoenergy cosmoenergy  
  cosmoenergy cosmoenergy cosmoenergy - as it the healer should represent alignment and aura increase, thus colours of aura and its form which change in a current healer session have great value.

The method of "a beginning to boil silver sphere" is applied by the healer to cleaning of a head of the patient. Compare: bas-relief at Medinet-Abu

cosmoenergy cosmoenergy  
  cosmoenergy cosmoenergy Protection - a gold pyramid, works enough by frequent figurative visualisation. Protection - a cockleshell.

Method "Writing off", "a motor - a well" Exercise "a kernel raising"

cosmoenergy cosmoenergy cosmoenergy  
  cosmoenergy cosmoenergy cosmoenergy Work with problems. Dark blue colour, with dark red stains "the problem" body of the patient is symbolically shown.

The second variant of visualisation of Cosmoenergy-Channels on healer session.

  cosmoenergy In this embodiment imaging channels, each cosmoeenergy-channel is represented by a narrow needle-like cocoon of a single color. For example, Faroon-Buddha red, Firast - green.

Some stages of consecutive visualisation on healer session.

cosmoenergy cosmoenergy

Work with charkas. The second variant is expanded by new foreshortenings of "shooting"

"Warming up" of the second, fourth and fifth charkas symbolically presented in the form of plasma roundish formations.

cosmoenergy cosmoenergy

Series of video films "Magical passes of shamans of ancient Mexico".

The given video films, consist of introduction and a training part, each of which demands those or other receptions of shooting and video-tape editing.
  wsneo Introduction differs an abundance of the synthesised visual elements executed including with the help 3D modelling that undoubtedly helps material mastering.

Introduction, duration 2 - 4 minutes. 

  tensegrity Representation and training both to separate movements, and all sequence as a whole. Here the basic work consisted in installation of a great number enough long pieces of video and their synchronisation with the announcer's text.
  Training part. Duration 20 - 40 minutes. tensegrity


Film "Inactivity Practice"

  nogouing The virtual background in the form of an infinite homogeneous surface does not distract attention and promotes a relaxation as does not cause steady associative communications with daily activity of the person, thereby helping achievement of the purposes of the given practice.
  The general duration of a film of 120 minutes
Training part of a film "Inactivity Practice"
On-line help in learning the magical passes.


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