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Here the imagination and a hand of the artist create an image of a reality whereas process of comprehension reminds reverse motion more likely, from images against which we lean in thinking to real object, step by step, leaving illusion, we restore a real picture of the validity.
Ring Channels of Amsterdam adam
Picture Story:
Vijayanagara empire
Southern Bug
Holy Sepulchre
Searches and finds divine*, not in a temple, in an everyday life! In people which you surround, situations with which you face... The Ancient symbols which have become for the modern person by a riddle behind seven seals, have turned to decorative furniture of not clear appointment and property. On this web-site I represent art means vital stories in the symbolical form. Sometimes happens so that placing any element in a concrete place of page from the design (esthetic) point of view, and at first sight not having any utilitarian sense, further it appears that this element of design is the description (in the ciphered kind) the future history from own life. As though the foresight hand has handed over you this symbol earlier as a destiny sign.

* - under this word I mean manifestation of certain unknown to the modern person of forces which at ancient civilizations were personified in images of anthropomorphous deities, subjects today, first of all... to recognition.
paleo oranges
Without a limit - the program of modeling Bryce 3D
In essence black and white are the same color
The cleared Paleozoic oranges
Design - art designing of subjects; designing of aesthetic shape of industrial products. The dictionary of Foreign Words "Russian", 1988


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