Part and Whole.

Here speech will go about a man as a self-similar system, when in some parts of the body is displayed ( * ) the whole man. In some cases together with its past, present and future.

The man in the ear. (Acupuncture)

ear ear

In 1957 the French doctor Paul Nozh'e published a book under the name «Treatise about Auriculotherapy » in which he declared the opening of existence of two smaller acupuncture systems - in auricles besides main acupuncture system. He named these systems acupuncture microsystems and has noticed that if to connect the revealed acupuncture points in an auricle, we obtain an anatomical map in miniature of human being in an inverted position such as embryo.

It is fair to say that the Chinese have opened the "man in the ear" 4000 years ago, but the map of Chinese ear system was not known in the West until the moment when the Nozh'e patented the idea.

The little man in an ear - not just an amusing episode in the history of acupuncture. Dr. Terry Olson psychobiologist of pain control clinic at the medical faculty of the University of California (Los Angeles) found that the ear microsystem can be used for accurate diagnosis of the state of the organism. Appeared, that electrical hyperactivity in some ear acupuncture point usually indicates a pathologic condition (in the past or the future of the corresponding body parts. In one research the locations of chronic pain were determined for forty patients. After that, patients robed a cloth to conceal the visible disease. Then a acupuncture specialist, not knowing the results of preliminary examination, probed the surface of their ears only. At comparison appeared that 75,2 % results got at research of auricle, coincided with a medical diagnosis.

Researches of auricle help to expose problems with bones and internals of man. Once, when Olson went boating with the friend, he noticed that in his one ear the skin has unusual flocculent character. Olson knew that this place corresponds to heart, and has advised to the acquaintance to be checked up just in case at the cardiologist. A man came to the doctor the next day and knew that he had a serious heart disease requiring urgent surgery.

Olson also uses electrical stimulation of acupuncture points ear to treat chronic pain, the problems associated with obesity, hearing loss, and almost all drug dependencies. In one of researches Olson with the colleagues have spent treatment 14 drug dependent patients and have cured 12 of them within 5 days, with the minimum quantity of the remained symptoms. In fact , the aural acupuncture has appeared so successful at an intensive course of narcotic detoxicating that now hospitals of Los Angeles and New York for treatment of street narcomaniacs use mainly this technique.

Why acupuncture points on the ear as a whole give a miniature image of a man? According to Olson, this is due to the holographic nature of the mind and body. Just as every part of a hologram contains the image of the whole, each part of the human body also contains the image of the whole. "Ear hologram logically connected to the brain, which in turn is connected to the body - he says - so, acting on the ear, we are working through the hologram of the brain to the whole body."

from M.Talbot's book "The Holographic Universe"

Lines on a palm. (Chiromancy)

Lines on a human hand are traced not without the reason, they occur from divine influence and own human individuality. Aristotle

palm palm

People are always fascinated by the drawings on their hands - fingerprints were discovered already in the Stone Age cave paintings. While there is no physical evidence that supports these theories, but some experts say that the origin of palmistry dates back to ancient Egypt, the Chaldeans, Sumerians, Babylonians. It seems that palmistry originated in the East, then had spread to the West, perhaps with the help of the Romans. The earliest authentic data on this art are found out in the Indian literature of the Vedic period (2000 BC) - in the east and in Aristotle's works (384-322 BC) - in the West, but both of these sources testify to a rich history of oral tradition in this area. History of Palmistry was various: in a XVII-th century it was taught in Germany at universities of Leipzig and Halle, but at the same time in England has been outlawed as the sorcery form.



Herman Vajnreb, the neurologist from the New York university, has found out that the print of fingers in the form of so-called «ulnar loop» meets at the patients, suffering Alzheimer's disease more often. Thereby the following from holographic model conclusions according to which each part of a body contains the information on the whole organism proves to be true. Research of 50 patients with Alzheimer's disease and 50 healthy people has shown that 72 % from group of patients had the given pattern at least on 8 of 10 fingers while among healthy there were only 26 % of people with the same pattern. Of those who had ulnar loop on all 10 fingers, 14 people suffered from Alzheimer's disease and only 4 were healthy. For today it is known that 10 most widespread genetic deviations, including a Down syndrome, also associated with various patterns of hand.


GDV (Gas-Discharge-Visualization) of the fingers. (GDV diagnostics)


Currently, the term Kirlian effect refers to a visual observation or recording images on photographic material glow of a gas discharge occurring near the surface of the object by placing the last in the electric field of high tension. In describing the results of the study of biological objects also applies the term "bioelectrography", along with the "electrography". Kirlian photography received a large spread in the world as a method for experimental studies: a bibliography on Kirlian effect more than a thousand publications. The greatest interest is the study of gas discharge glow photographs of biological objects, mostly human.

The first researches have shown that the kind of photograms changes at change of a condition of the person. For example, by the form photograms of fingers and feet of the person it has appeared possible to judge the general level and character of physiological activity of its organism, as a type of luminescence to classify the state in accordance with the distribution of projections of the glow on the acupuncture channels to estimate a condition of separate systems of an organism and to watch influence on an organism of various influences: allopathic and homeopathic preparations, therapy, auto-training, etc. It is possible to develop effective diagnostic system based on the use of photograms and gain on them a large amount of experimental data.


The concept of communication of chakras with fingers and, accordingly, with BEO-grams (Biological Emission and Optical Radiation). According to this concept, each chakra is associated with a part of the finger, which is a relevant system of the body. Research of an appreciable contingent of patients in practice has taped conformity of such scheme to the data presented by experts in Ajurveda medicine.

The compliance of the parts of the fingers and organs to certain chakras can be presented as follows:

Muladhara Chakra - the lower part of the second finger, corresponding to the sacral and coccyx plexus; Svahishthana Chakra - the lower part of the fourth finger corresponding to the sacral plexus, urogenital system; Manipura Chakra - the lower part of the third finger, corresponding to the solar plexus, digestive system; Anahata Chakra - the lower part of the fifth finger, corresponding to the cardiac plexus, the circulatory system; Vishuddhi Chakra - the lower part of the first finger corresponding to the throat zone; Ajna Chakra ~ upper part of the first finger corresponding to the forehead; Sahasrara Chakra ~ upper part of the fourth finger corresponding to the cerebral cortex, the nervous system.

In turn chakras amazing and at the same time in a natural way are displayed in the ancient language of sanskrit.


Feet. (Reflexotherapy)


I have photographed this sign in Jain Ashram (Delhi, India). It was located in front of a path strewn with gravel (accupressure track).

* - I must say that in the most general sense, this is due to the holographic principle.



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