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In the vicinity of Mount Kailash are small that after the names of the five Dhyani Buddhas: 
If you have learned Mahamudru, this condition of mind embraces all. It all sees and eliminates all errors, all ignorance. This great vision is called Vajrochanoj.

Such is the essence of Mahamudry. When you realize it into practice, simply support this nature of emptiness-clearness, without deviating this condition. It is essence of everything, there is nothing other, except it. It names Akshobhej, Vadzhra-Akshobhej.

Having carried out Mahamudru, you possess force to show all granting desires of the jewelry, all the higher siddhi. There are no fulfillments above it. And it is called Ratnasambhavoj.

Having learned this unique sense, you know all. From it there are all infinite qualities and experiences. And it name Amitabhoj.

If you possess understanding of this unique sense if it is carried out together born the wisdom, all actions get the importance and find the end. And it is called as Amogasiddhi.

So, this sensibleness, it remembrance — the owner only. In a sansara we wander without a shelter, there is no owner who would care of us, and there is nobody of whom would care. But there is a possibility to find the owner who can take care of us; and this owner — ours remembrance.


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Om Swasti!
The victorious Shakya saw five visions, have a victorious path and, to preach the doctrine, the victorious Lord was born Ratna Shri. Respectfully bow to him!
In glorious Phagmo Drupa was five hundred students who had the white umbrella, but he repeatedly said his successor was to be upasaka who has attained the tenth stage bodhisattva. Here is the story of his successor, the incomparable Jigten Sumgon, Grand Master Drikung ...
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